The location area showed details of the current location. When you stood in a "hub", you were presented with 8 "lots", which of which had a graphical representation. When you mouse-overed a "lot", a description appeared below.


There were three kinds of lots (pictured above). Ones you could enter, once you couldn't (no entry sign) and people's house's ("knock" sign). You could only enter people's houses when they were online.

The most famous of all the houses was wintermute's tower, in Convivial Grove.

Once inside a lot you either had more doors, a shop, or nothing (as above). An exit button allowed you back to the hub. "Empty" lots often contained things that grew, such as paper in tree lots.

Shops contained two tabs (some shops only contained one of the two, but most contained both). The selling tab allowed you to buy things from the shop. Shops had limit stock of each item, though stock levels regenerated slowly.

Shops would buy things back from you, generally for 8/9 it's sale value (only 5/9 for colored paper!).