In the game you could use things to "make" other things. Here you can see that 8 sheets of paper can be made into a sheet of red paper.

When you clicked "make", it took a while to make the thing.

But when it was made, you got more mood, karma and xp. It also boosted your "make skill". The higher your make skill, the more stuff you could make. Making a "Game Never Ending" required 10,000 make points and was the hardest thing to make.

Paper was, of course, the coolest thing to make.

A full table of how many points things cost to make is below:

Making SkillItems Available
0red sheet of paper
 (24) sheet of paper
 ream of paper
 quire of paper
5quire of Personal Information forms
10Personal Information form
15Chocolate chips
20quire of M19A-6BMM/311 forms
 (20) quire of paper
25yellow sheet of paper
30fried egg
35pinch of salt
45Pointmass breakfast bar
50quire of Petitions to Advocate…Forms (triplicate)
55(12) glazed donut
60(6) pie
80(24) cookie
90fish and chips
100Petition to Advocate for Changes to the Personal Identification Database (triplicate)
110blue sheet of paper
120(6) glass of lemonade
150M19A-6BMM/311 form
170(6) glass of limeade
200tube of miracle crème
250(10) milkshake
300(12) bun
400(5) bowl of soup
500(4) cup of coffee
550(4) cup of espresso
600New Economy
700(6) carrot loaf
750(3) fancy dress ball
800(12) spam
900silver bar
1,100basket of fries
1,200green sheet of paper
2,000(5) lobster bisque
2,500(9) slice of funky pizza
3,000gold bar
3,200diamond ring
5,000sense of entitlement
6,000brown sheet of paper
7,000Sweet New Age Love
8,000(2) platinum bar
9,000purple sheet of paper
10,000Game Neverending

To see an image of the entire make menu, click here.